Structure Design and Implementation

We enable your organization to win by designing how to set up your strategy or competitive intelligence function. We may upon request also on a temporary basis assist you by running it.

Competitive intelligence organization structure design

Alfred Chandler has in the early 1960s enriched the world of management with one of the most enduring business organization axioms: structure follows strategy. What is true in business at large also proves to be true in setting up and operating a successful competitive intelligence function within companies.

Multiple models exist that describe how to organize this function in pursuit of what aims. The Market Intelligence Maturity model, initially defined by GIA, describes loosely the growth stages for a company from hesitantly starting with setting up a single-individual function to building a world-class team. The latter should aim to and generally will be the trusted sparring partner of and service provider to the C-level suite. We have consulted to companies in all stages of organizational maturity. It never ceases to fascinate how much well-placed limited analysis resources can contribute to the improvement of corporate decision-making quality. Provided of course that these resources are well-trained and -organized, properly located in the organization structure and demonstrating the right behavioural competences.

Selection criteria for a competitive intelligence analyst

Many companies correctly proclaim that people are their single most important asset, but understandably not all always have the right people in place for the job. Upon request of many customers across the years we offer consultancy as to who to recruit for competitive intelligence roles, depending on starting situation and ambition level.

This service can consist of an abstract profile, but it may also include helping you identify and/or evaluate suitable candidates. In addition we consult on how to retain your precious analyst staff, giving you the benefit of knowledge accumulation and continuity in your organization.

Design and operation of a permanent business environment data collection, filing and in-company dissemination system

In many companies news is plentiful but insights are few. Over time we have built experience how to turn ‘unstructured (news) data’ into a solidly structured repository. Such database not only becomes the corporate memory but when adequately designed also becomes the first point of call for all knowledge workers in a company, both for new news as well as for analyses, insights and whatever other facts and figures they need.

Upon realizing such data-driven ‘competing on knowledge’ system the knife cuts at two sides. On the one hand, all staff work with the same preferably cleaned and verified data, ensuring only one single truth exists in the company. On the other hand, in empowering all staff with access to clean data, an enormous synergy benefit is realized, as data collection and cleaning is centralized in an efficient way, rather than expensively carried out multiple times on multiple places.

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